Fag Crew

Faggot list

cardslash02 – Group leader, translator, karaoke, Taskmaster-in-chief (Biggest weeaboo and yaoi fan on rizon)

snowfag (Yukikaze) – Server Admin/Timer/Encoder

archdeco – Timer

BleKohl – TL / TLC / Sign translator

Calyrica – Editor

convexity – TL / TLC

Eien – Encoder/typesetter

EighthSin – TL

fnord – Song translator

Gaijin-tan – Typesetter

Ibra – QC

Ioryogi – Editor

jacques – Encoder

Jukey – Editor/typist

KayDat – Editor/typist

Layton – Timer/typesetter

Puff – Encoder/typesetter

Rem – QC

Sutai – Typesetter

Tyberg29 – QC

yaffi – Timer


Big ups to Zir0h and Aoi-chan for providing additional distro


Guest staff – airco, brainchild, Dark_Sage, fotc, Kyhz, valerauko, waffo, Noko (I totally exploited my way here)

Ex-Staff – commander`A, killazys, Kiriel, Ket, Kusion, MahaiOne, Merines, Milfeulle, MisterX, emkuf, Edward_Bebop(actually dead now irl RIP)

Honorable mention – Sindalf. For saying that I couldn’t do it.

Here’s a cool little map I made with all the staff’s locations. We are a pretty international group! (NOTE: this thing is super outdated)

I’d say we need more Asians and Africans….there are zero (English) fansubbers in Africa though.

View sage-subs in a larger map

49 thoughts on “Fag Crew

  1. iansanzo

    Guys, I have a question to ask.

    DO you plan on doing Gundam Unicorn? Because you see, I don’t see any other subs that did that show and from what I can see, You guys are doing an awesome job with subbing AGE and SEED.

  2. Zeus

    You wan´t another member for the staff comming from latinamerica ( México) I could help if you need.
    I follow you for gundam AGE…. and I had experience in Fansubing….
    see ya guys…

  3. djmasturbeat

    hope you guys will do more lupin — maybe some of the second half of TV series 2 + stuff that only has HK engrish subs

  4. KE

    “there are zero fansubbers in Africa though.”

    Who said that? There a lot of fansubbers in Africa.
    I’m from Egypt and I know many fansubbers from Egypt, Libya, Morocco.. etc
    However, We fansub in our language “Arabic”
    yet that doesn’t mean there no fansubbers in Africa.

    1. Rem

      Because everyone who dedicates their time and/or money to translating and distributing chinese cartoons is a complete faggot.

  5. A Fan

    Hey guys! Sorry for posting here, and no pun intended–really!

    I wanted to ask if you will ever release a batch torrent for Sekaiichi Hatsukoi. I know you talked about doing it towards the end of the show, but it never happened…

    BD, of course, would be great (it would be awesome, really), but even a batch torrent of the 10-bit 720p would be fine! Please???

    By the way, before anyone starts spewing the usual homophobic remarks, I am a girl.

      1. PinK

        To you maybe, but a lot of people love the show. And besides, your group released it, so why the bashing?

  6. anonanime

    This a great site with awesome work! Its pretty cool cause I have family that lives in Dahlonega Ga. Thats super close to our group leader!

  7. Nemeis

    Its seam this website has been outdated. and for bakuman 21 is missing can’t find the torrent link at Tokyo Toshokan

  8. i know sage is gone

    …but I still want to say I really miss your quality subs. I can only imagine how much time is poured into every episode. I absolutely love your work on danshi koukou. The translation itself, the background detail subbing, timing…and all of them are soft sub too, that is some amazing work you know.

    I hope you guys stay amazing wherever you guys are now.


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