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  1. SephiriAzure

    Are you guys SFW? Anyways thanks for picking up Sekaiichi Hatsukoi, and I thought you guys did a great job on Bakuman 2.

  2. iansanzo

    Hi guys! Thanks for doing a good job on Gundam AGE!

    I hope you pick up Gundam SEED remastered and Gundam Unicorn as well.

    Thanks again!

    1. Anon

      I’ll second the Gundam SEED remastered airing. Would be great to see someone do them. And gundam.info is even streaming them like they are with AGE.

    1. cardslash02 Post author

      We are, I’ve got half a script, but obviously Danshi is getting in the way and I’m so exhausted from that that I dont work on anything on Tuesdays, so…we’re looking at Thurs and/or Fri for Hellsing.

      1. Stargazemg

        Arigatou for the update. I will look forward to Hellsing IX. This OVA series is so much better than the old TV series. It’s been a long time in getting it out in Japan, but well worth the wait. BTW, I believe this is a 10 Episode OVA. Am I correct on that?

  3. Anonymous

    Hello, I just made a thread on /a/ about the upcoming anime Uchuu Kyoudai. I noticed that you were the only sub group that was listed as doing this show so I wanted to send you a message showing the first six chapters and reader’s reactions.


    It’s a long thread, but it is very much worth the read. I realize the anime is 48 or so episodes long, but it seems like this could be a great show. I just wanted to make sure this gets a shot at getting subs. Thanks.

      1. cardslash02 Post author

        We’ll see about that.
        Daily Lives was also pegged as “sure to be simulcast” but wasn’t.
        I do intend to do this show at this time. I’ll let you know if this changes for whatever reason.

  4. aritra

    can u pickup ginga e kickoff! a new soccer anime… it already has 5 eps out with no subbing team please …! contact me in my email if yes

  5. vipervoid1

    I hope u guys can pick Eureka Seven
    because there is no another fansubs pick it yet ~

    BTW u guys done a great job in Bakuman

    1. Suzume!

      gg, commie( perhaps), simulcast as well and people were asking utw so idk about that but sure more good team there is the better it is.

  6. Suzume!

    I have a request and you will probably say no…please hear me out: So hum i like quality subs and well i ve been watching different anime from different teams of course, and i can’t help but asking myself “why nobody is translating Hagure Yuusha no densetsu” yeah…subdesu is no good(sometimes they do good stuff but lol other times…) and every other good team(Utw,got,commie,gg,whynot,fff,..) aren’t doing it because they have like 4,5,6 project already or because it doesnt appeal to them or even doesnt fit their standard so hum here is my request you’re done with lupin the new project is driland and u have the gundam remastered to encode and work on but can you consider it? please a 4th project might be a little too much but i need to have an answer please.

    Cordially, me

  7. Someone

    Please sub the new .hack movie!
    Many people really want to see it… and I don’t think anyone is planning on subbing it. At least consider it!

    1. cardslash02 Post author

      We are working on it right now, actually.
      It is a massive typesetting effort, so it will take a while.

  8. Aldaeus

    Seeing as I realized everyone was asking questions over here after I asked it over on the Seed HD post, I’ll ask it in more of the proper spot…

    Question, seeing as Age has to be nearing its end (basing on average length of Gundam series being 50 episodes) any chance you could pick up After War Gundam X, and do a high quality release of it (39 episodes)? It was released on dvd not long ago with a little better quality… but there really isn’t a good version out there of it subbed. (either the encoding is crud, or the translation/grammar is crud)

  9. Dino

    I need to ask you this–Can you please upload the links or torrents(seeders big ZERO) for Sekaiichi Hatsukoi [480p]..Please…
    Everywhere I look is dead links and then more dead links….That is all….Bye…..

  10. lupiniiimusic

    Do you plan on subbing the new Lupin III special, ‘Another Page’, that came out last Friday? I’d love to see it… you know, and actually be able to know what they’re saying! 😛 I, and I know the people at the lupinthethird.com forum as well, would be very grateful.

    1. jeth

      the raw is out now and guys in the idforums.net are waiting for the HD release which will come out this Nov 9^_^
      gambare, we hope you can be our saviour for 5th stage ep 1 and 2^^

  11. Akosss

    Hey guys! Can you pick up the new Lupin special? (Observations of the East – Another Page) You did a great job with The Blood Seal and the new TV, so I hope you’ll sub it.

  12. kodomo

    Another request for the Lupin TV Special 23 – Another Page. After your great work for Mine Fujiko series and the Blood Seal, this is the first place I look up. Please sub the new movie 🙂

  13. AruuF

    Hi sage & happy new year!
    Are you gonna finish the BD for Kimi to Boku? I saw you did episode 1 & 2 on Nyaa.


  14. Thor

    Are you guys going to sub hellsing ultimate 10? Just wondering since you guys did episode 9. Another request as well, Could you guys sup the second berserk golden age movie. Berserk: The Golden Age Arc II – The Doldrey War It’s been out for a while and no one is picking it up :(.

  15. arucard

    hellsing ultimate ova X and hellsing the dawn 3 have been released… i watched them but OVA X does not have good quality subs… please release a eng subbed version of OVA X …. waiting anxiously..

    thanks and keep up the good work!

  16. Austrian_in_Space

    Why did you drop Tanken Driland? It is a good show! I mean, female lead of kickassery and what not. TT^TT
    It reminds me of Arad Senki Slap Up Party, being an anime adaption of an RPG
    I don’t know if you know other subbers, but maybe you can “shove” it onto them XD

  17. Yassan

    Hello. The new anime of Tanken Driland, Tanken Driland: 1000-nen no Mahou, is currently airing. Please sub it guys! 🙁

  18. OhNooy

    Hello, I don’t seem to find SEED Ep 11 and Ep 14. May someone give me the link of torrent of these 2 episods? Thanks!
    Great job guys for subbing.

  19. Nephyra

    It’s a shame that you guys dropped Tanken Driland. I’m a huge fan. Do you guys by any chance know if any other group is going to pick it up? Thanx.

  20. JDMxAddicted

    I don’t care what anyone has to say about this but I hope you guys pick up Log Horizon down the road 🙂

    It deserves a good teams translations along with all the bells and whistles 😀

  21. Evgeniy Bond

    Hello everyone! I didn’t know where should I post this. So… I had such a story:

    I stumbled across anime GR Giant Robo:

    That’s, how should I say, the development of the ideas of the original series (7 ova) with “not too shabby” art and dynamics (as for the 1992, yeah!):

    In the net I found only first 3 series with english subs in youtube, watched them and then began to look further. Managed to pull hard all 13 series, though in RAW. I was left with the impression that the anime (which was produced in 2007) went unnoticed by the masses.

    So I wonder if you could make english subs for this anime? If not, would you, please, recommend fansub groups who might be interested in this anime? The task is simplified because we already have 3 series with engsub.

    Here’s a link to the raws, but there is only one seeder, so it would be best to hurry up with downloading:

    If it does not download – tell me. I will try sending series through dropbox or another service (as you wish).


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