Build Fighters Try – 01

Here we go, Build Fighters Try. Not a bad start.

Torrent here.

Same as last season, simulcast subs with moderate editing/typesetting/karaoke.
They should seriously get the translator who does this show to do G-Reco instead, because those subs are much worse.

This will be our normal release time for this show for the rest of the season. Can’t do under-24 hr releases for this show anymore because it airs on a weekday instead of weekend like it did before. Oh well, sorry.

G-Reco 1 & 2

A bit later than I thought, but here it is.

Episodes 1 & 2

The script required some pretty heavy editing. Those translators at Madman need to take an English class, methinks.

Before anyone starts complaining, this is the combined double episode AS IT AIRED ON JAPANESE TV. It was aired on MBS with no ending/preview for Episode 1, and only a commercial break separated the two episodes. So that’s the way we are presenting it.

Next week we aim to release on Saturday. Speed releasing is not possible since this airs on a weekday.

I’m aiming for a Build Fighters S2 release on Friday.

G-Reco is coming, hold your horses

Don’t have a cow, folks. We’re working on G-Reco.

Editor is having an exam to study for and he was not having time to edit both the eps at once, so look for a release sometime on Sunday Monday.

Thanks to an anonymous donor, we now have a ton of money for server costs for the next few months. Thanks buddy!

Sengoku Basara Judge End – 04

And here’s ep 4.

News: Funi’s simulcast of Basara has begun. By next week they’ll have caught up to broadcast and there won’t be a need to fansub anymore.

Due to popular demand we’ve decided to continue editing/encoding/typesetting the Funi release each week. You’re welcome.

However, I will be gone next weekend and the weekend after for Otakon and my summer vacation. I will not be able to release any Funi edits for eps 5 & 6 until at least a week after airing. Please understand this. We’ll catch up as soon as I get back. Obviously if you can’t wait that long, go download Horriblesubs.

Thanks everyone who supported us subbing this show. Fuck Funimation.

PS: We’re not gonna relabel all our releases as “Sengoku BASARA: End of Judgment” just cuz that’s what they say the official English title is now. Maybe you should have announced that earlier, before you slapped JUDGE END in huge English letters on everything.

Sengoku Basara Judge End – 03

Well, not much to say. Here’s ep 3.


I’m deciding to remain consistent and include all honorifics, even though its not my standard practice. If you hate it, too bad.

We are still looking for an editor and typesetter.

I hear that Funi will announce some news about their “simulcast” of this show tomorrow. So, we’ll see what happens.