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Tanken Driland 7 & Gundam sAGE 47

Hey all,

Here’s an episode of Tanken. There are two more coming down the pike.
The editor can maybe get to ep 8 today. If he can’t, then we’ll release tomorrow.
Ep 9 will be due midweek. Then we’ll finally be caught up.

Tanken 7

Here’s an episode of Gundam AGE. There are two more left in total.
No spoilers, but :manly tears: were shed.

Gundam sAGE 47

SEED 23 is coming your way today and SEED 24 is getting worked on.

I will get to Nichibros specials after I have released all the above stuff.

In other news, .hack movie was released by Commie, but my group still wants to release our own version. However, its now low-priority, since a relatively good quality version is now available from Commie.

Tanken Driland 5 & 6

As promised, here are Tanken Driland 5 & 6. I hope to get 7 done within the next few days as well, and then we’ll be caught up again.

Take note that we are now using VFR encodes, since Toei is known for broadcasting anime with variable frame rates inbetween 30 fps and 23.976 fps. Before we had assumed it was mostly 30 fps and were encoding that way, but for ep 4 it was not so. Therefore it’ll be VFR from now on, though it means more trouble for our encoder.

Ep 5

Ep 6

Gundam SEED HD Remaster – 22 & Status

Hey guys long time no see.

This site has been down for a while because our webmaster has been almost dead due to diabeetus. He’s back now and we’re still active so don’t worry.

It’s been a crazy few weeks with Otakon, the Olympics (which I like to watch) and my mom’s visit to my house this past weekend which took up all my time.

We are gearing back up right now. Here’s the status of various projects:

Gundam AGE:
There WAS NO EPISODE last week. There will be one this upcoming weekend 8/19 and we will get it done in normal time.
Gundam SEED: Here is ep 22, ep 23-24 have been encoded and timed. More work on these soon. (The BD is only out up until ep 24 so it doesn’t make sense to switch to BD encodes at this point)
Tanken Driland: Ep 4 is undergoing editing and timing. Ep 5 has yet to be tl’d. Will do that tonight. Aiming for a release on Saturday.
Danshi specials 4 & 5: We have the BD encodes, finally. Will start working on those.
.hack movie: signs translated, encode STILL not done. Bother jacques if you want it, he is being real slow about it.

PS: SEED 22 looks awful, its like Sunrise didn’t bother to “remaster” it at all and just blew up their 480p dvd version and cropped it. There are very few redrawn scenes. I hope they do better next time.

Jukey Edit: Card sucks at linking, so here’s the torrent

Also, we Menclave now.