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card a shit

Why is Sage Subs So Shit?

Let me tell you why. Have you guys ever heard of cardslash02? Man, you fags don’t even know what you’re getting into. This loser is so bad at subbing anime, she literally unsubs anime while trying to sub it. That’s right; negative subtitles. When she delays her translations, she unconsciously delays all the anime you watch and love.

About a century ago, Sage Subs proudly subbed some Lupin the Third TV special about mermaids or whatever. That shit was off the hook, right? We fucked it up, but at least it wasn’t painful to watch. Then came the Lupin anime that was about Fujiko being a shit. That was less good, but we subbed it. Things were looking up, because we were finally subbing less bullshit kid’s shows. And then the next Lupin TV special rolled around, and we decided to do that. It was obvious, because we’d been doing a fair bit of Lupin recently, and a lot of the staff liked the series.

And then…

…card fucking delayed the translation. Do you want to know how long she delayed the translation? I’m specifically talking about the TV special titled “Touhou Kenbunroku – Another Page”. This TV special aired MORE THAN A FUCKING YEAR AGO. I’VE BEEN ASKED HER TO FUCKING TRANSLATE IT SINCE NOVEMBER OF TWO-THOUSAND AND FUCKING TWELVE! There’s been another TV special since then! I want to do that as well!

If any of you losers were hoping we’d sub either of them, give up. She said she isn’t going to bother, because some other random group got to it first. But now there’s this. And she says she wants to do it. Do you guys think it’s going to happen?

Because I fucking don’t.

Build Fighers 06 DELAYED

Hi all,

Having some major computer troubles, blue screens up the wazoo, had to reinstall Windows and am having a hell of a lot of overtime at work. So, Buildfighters will be delayed probably 20 hours a couple days past our usual release time. Sorry about that.

More problems guys. We’ll get it out when it gets out. Sooner than later.


Initial D ep 2: @1080p encode, 720p released
Initial D ep 1v2: @1080p encode, 720p released
Gyrozetter 3-5: Translation
Lupin Special: Will be worked on this week once I get some Gyrozetter done
Danshi specials: After Lupin

Tanken Driland is DROPPED. I’m helping out Kaitei so that their next release won’t be so shitty, and then you’ll have an alternative. I’m not going to let that show drag me down right now when I have so much else on my plate.

Initial D will be released tonight.

PS: also released Gundam SEED 24 last night.

A Reply to Anonymous

I feel that a short, witty response doesn’t answer a certain anonymous commenter’s question properly, and I wanted to address the issue. The comment is as follows:

If you guys said crap about this series, then why are you still doing it? Why would you waste your time to do something that you don’t like, especially during your leisure time. If you like the series, then it’s a different story, but why bother wasting your time to do your so-called “crappy and stupid” series? :S

That’s a good question, sir. Allow me to answer it, as well as enlighten you on how fansubbing works. I don’t know anything about you, but we subtitle chinese cartoons into English for the benefit of people who enjoy anime. Out of all the people we provide this service for, you seem to have stumbled into our soup kitchen and asked us why we’re doing something we don’t like.

If somebody doesn’t want to work on something, they don’t. They don’t have anything stopping them from not working on certain shows. The people who do work on these undersubbed shows do so because they aren’t bothered by the content of the show itself. Either it’s bad, or so bad it’s entertaining (i.e. Gundam Age). Our staff takes time out of their day—or early morning, at that—to work on sub-par cartoons for the few people who care. Are you that surprised when fansubbers make fun of the series they work on? Making jokes about bad series is how we put up with most of this shit.

So why do we sub bad series? These are just our opinions, and someone has to give these series a chance. Kimi to Boku wasn’t my kind of show, but I still worked on the first season. Why do we sub kid’s shows? Because card is an idiot. And as much as I don’t like some of you, nobody should be forced to watch Hadena (or work with them).

We all love chinese cartoons, and that love drives us to do stupid shit like sub and distribute them to people like you, who complain.

Love, Rem.