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Hola everybody.

Finally got our site back up.

I just came home for the holidays on a day when most of our stuff airs! Alot of the staff is now home or traveling home. Unfortunately, that means there will be delays in releasing things. I ask you to be patient.

We have been holding back on Initial D 3 & 4 because there have been no decent raws. We don’t get the channel so we’re at the mercy of share raw providers. I’ll update you if there are any. I am NOT releasing with 40 mb raws!

Status: Bakuman 12 @ edit
Code:Breaker 12 & 13 @ tlc

But it’s now Xmas, so there will be continued delays. There’s nothing I can do about it, everybody is gone.

Initial D Fifth Stage – 01

Hey all,

I’m glad to be able to bring this to you.
We know it is a shitty raw. Unfortunately, it’s the only one available. And the OP is lower quality because it was ripped from Youtube. The raw we managed to get didn’t have the OP in it for some reason, so we stitched together an encode with the OP in it.

Even more unfortunately, it’s unlikely we’ll be able to do the rest. No one, and I mean NO ONE, gets the Animax PPV channel. I’ve asked around. I’d be extremely surprised if raws of ep 2 and up surface. If they aren’t complete shit, we’ll release with them. If they are, we’re waiting for the Blurays.

It’s difficult to typeset and karaoke a video with poor quality, so we couldn’t do our best work on those. But you get at least a really good translation, courtesy of 8thsin, who has returned from exile to sub Initial D. He likes the show, as does most of my staff. Me? I know jack shit about cars. But that’s okay. All I know is that everyone in this show is ugly.


Edit: card can’t into torrent linking so there you go.

Also, I can’t into muxing fonts: The OP is missing a font, if you care. Thats why it looks so bad. Here’s the font:
You can install it to have a better viewing experience.

But we will be releasing a v2 once we get our hands on the ts that’s floating around. So just sit tight and it’ll have some fixes in it.