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CØDE:BREAKER 07 & Updates

Hi all,

Been a while since I posted.

Here’s Emo:Breaker ep 7.


Bakuman news: Our typesetter is without internet for at least three days and I can’t find a replacement. So either we wait for him, or we release without signs. Not sure what to do…
If you are a typesetter and want to do Bakuman, please contact me!

Gyrozetter: I have not dropped this!! Contrary to popular belief. I have had motivation problems and staff problems. But I’ll be damned if a show that has been hanging over my head so long will go undone. You’ll see a release from us before Thanksgiving break.

Danshi specials: Are being worked on now!

Lupin special: So is this. Finally got encoder to do an encode. Now I can finally tl this.

Thanks for your patience.

Chousoku Henkei Gyrozetter – 02 & News

Alright folks, try to contain your excitement while your download finishes. Like usual you can download our release by torrent over at nyaa or by using xdcc from our main release bot [sage]Lupin in #sage on rizon.

XDCC: Pack 327 on [sage]Lupin
Torrent: Download

Filename: [sage]_Chousoku_Henkei_Gyrozetter_-_02_[720p][74836560].mkv

We apologize for the ludicrous filesize. My encoder assures me that it’s just “one of those shows” and there’s nothing we can do to reduce filesize without the encode looking like shit. So just suck it up, eh?

Cardslash02 will be gone this weekend to see the Madoka movies on Saturday in New York City. If you see her, say hi! She will be wearing a sweatshirt and being shunned by the group from Commie that is also going.

This means Code:Breaker will be delayed until Sunday.
I think you’ll live.

Chousoku Henkei Gyrozetter

Hi folks,

Well, due to overwhelming demand on our poll, we have subbed Gyrozetter for you.
It baffles me why you want this show subbed – it’s not very good.
I had to scrounge around to find people willing to work on it.

I’ve removed talk of a “drop limit” for now. Just realize that none of the staff really like this show, we just picked it up because you voted for it. It will be hard to maintain the motivation of the staff to work on this show unless it gets drastically better (or we see that there’s actual demand for this show, hence the talk of Nyaa dl counts.) Knowing that a good amount of people are waiting for you to sub something is a great motivating factor. It helped me through subbing shows I didn’t like, just knowing that many people were waiting for me to finish. Anyways, enough of that.

Please excuse our usage of Zero-Raws – we weren’t planning on doing this show originally so we didn’t cap last Tuesday. We have a proper raw for ep 2. (and it’s quite big, this show is a bandwidth hog)

I plan to have episode 2 out by Monday, and 3 out by next Wednesday. Then we’ll be caught up.


Other shows:

Next up is probably Tanken or a SEED episode. Or danshi specials, maybe.
We will not drop Code:Breaker since it late-casting by 4 days. We will be jointing with Anime-Koi for no good reason other than that it will be fun speedsubbing with more people.
Bakuman might be delayed by a day or so because our editor is gone this weekend.

Also please donate!!! Our server bill is coming up, and we haven’t had any donation since last month!