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Gundam sAGE – 49 (END)

Hello all,

Well, here we are at the final episode. It’s a momentous occasion for me.
I founded this group a year ago to sub Gundam AGE, and now it’s finally coming to an end.
While I must say I’m glad to see it go, I feel a sense of accomplishment at its end.
There were some people who thought a new startup group couldn’t hold it together for a whole year to sub such a long show. They doubted us, they questioned our resolve. Not many groups these days choose to sub anything over 26 eps simply because of the amount of work it entails and the length of the commitment.

But we prevailed. Even though not all of us actually liked the show, our commitment to it and to each other brought us together every Sunday to put in our best efforts and bring the show to you. It wasn’t easy- there were early mornings, long nights, shuffled schedules, disagreements, and some people walked away. All of us gradually came to realize that this show wasn’t going to be a spectacular example of the Gundam franchise. But we stuck with it.

I want to thank all of you who watched the show and supported our efforts over the course of a year. In the end, it was all for you, the leechers (and I mean that term in the best possible light.) An entire year of my life is now marked by memories of discussions in our IRC channel, live-watching threads on /m/, comments on our website. Thank you.

Gundam AGE 49 (FINAL)

720p Torrent
480p Torrent


Staff list: (organized by job, because of all of the casualties)

Project Lead/Slavedriver: cardslash02
Translation: Bandai, cardslash02 (when Bandai was late)
Translation Check: cardslash02
Stream capture: KayDat, Rem, Edward_Bebop, convexity
Typing: Rem, MahaiOne, Jukey, KayDat, torchlight
Song translation: fnord
Encoding: Puff, __ar, killazys, Eien
Main Editors: Jukey, KayDat
Guest Editors: Dark_Sage, Kyhz, Kiriel
Timing: MisterX, Ket, commander`A, emkuf, Merines, yaffi, Yukikaze
Copypasting Typesetting: Puff, cardslash02
Karaoke: cardslash02
QC: Rem, cardslash02
Distro: Edward_Bebop

Special thanks to Jukey and Rem, my right-hand men on this project. Couldn’t have done it without you!

Status on other projects:
At my job, a project is reaching culmination and I haven’t had much time for fansubbing. I’m sorry, but I have to keep my job.
I anticipate more time for fansubbing coming up after the project is over, in a week’s time.

I will not give any hard dates for Tanken and SEED, but I’d like to get caught up on them just as much as you want us to. Let’s see what I can get done this week.

Fall Season:
We are picking up Bakuman 3.
Anything else is up in the air. If a show turns out to be undersubbed, we may do it. Too early to tell.

Jukey Edit:
Even though the site says I wrote the post, it was cardslash02. I just started drafting the staff list a few days ago.

Rem Edit:
You can change the author for posts, bro. Welcome to WordPress.

Jukey Edit:
I was too lazy to figure it out, Rem. Thanks brah.

Tanken Driland 7 & Gundam sAGE 47

Hey all,

Here’s an episode of Tanken. There are two more coming down the pike.
The editor can maybe get to ep 8 today. If he can’t, then we’ll release tomorrow.
Ep 9 will be due midweek. Then we’ll finally be caught up.

Tanken 7

Here’s an episode of Gundam AGE. There are two more left in total.
No spoilers, but :manly tears: were shed.

Gundam sAGE 47

SEED 23 is coming your way today and SEED 24 is getting worked on.

I will get to Nichibros specials after I have released all the above stuff.

In other news, .hack movie was released by Commie, but my group still wants to release our own version. However, its now low-priority, since a relatively good quality version is now available from Commie.

Gundam sAGE – 46

Hey all,

I went to Dragon*Con this weekend and it completely took up the whole weekend. The episode was ready to be QC’d on Sunday night, but I was so tired and still at the con until Monday night, so I didn’t end up releasing it until last night. Sorry about that.


As for SEED, the editor just started classes at college and has been busy, but he promises to finish up SEED 23 which is otherwise done tonight, so expect that in a couple of days.

Tanken Driland is next after that, I gotta release two eps of it to catch up.

Gundam sAGE – 45

Hey all,

A translation note on this episode:

Last week you all raised a valid point about the unmanned mobile suit’s name being SID instead of Shido. “Shido” is what the official Bandai streamed subs use. Normally I stick with what these subs use unless there is overwhelming evidence to do it otherwise – these are supposed to be “official” and approved by Bandai, after all.

I know the impulse to go with SID stems from the fan translation of the side-story manga “Memories of SID” and that as a codename, it makes more sense. But I wasn’t going to change it without some official source. Then I saw this image, and god knows where it comes from but it looks official enough for me. Turns out it’s from the official Gundam AGE site here. Thanks to Archer in the comments for pointing it out. And also, in terms of common sense, I like SID much more than Shido. It’s a codename/abbreviation, after all.

So after much deliberation, I decided to go with SID over the official subs’ Shido. I hope that doesn’t really upset anybody.

On another note, we now know that AGE will have only 49 episodes, so only four episodes left!

AGE 45

PS: Tanken Driland 5 & 6 later today.
PPS: My editor was moving this weekend, so he’ll get on Seed 23 as soon as he can.