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Hola everybody.

Finally got our site back up.

I just came home for the holidays on a day when most of our stuff airs! Alot of the staff is now home or traveling home. Unfortunately, that means there will be delays in releasing things. I ask you to be patient.

We have been holding back on Initial D 3 & 4 because there have been no decent raws. We don’t get the channel so we’re at the mercy of share raw providers. I’ll update you if there are any. I am NOT releasing with 40 mb raws!

Status: Bakuman 12 @ edit
Code:Breaker 12 & 13 @ tlc

But it’s now Xmas, so there will be continued delays. There’s nothing I can do about it, everybody is gone.

CØDE:BREAKER 09 & Bakuman 09 Released

Finally C:B is out.
Delay caused by many of my staff having finals, and waiting around while my editor disappeared for 2 days because he was “taking care of his brother”, whatever that means.

Hey, this the first time we were later than Funi. But that’s okay, we got to check up our stuff against theirs for once. I’ll try not to let it happen again.

Meanwhile, my editor still is holding up Bakuman. The script was tl’d and timed back on Sunday night and ever since then it’s been in editor limbo. I let him know that we HAVE to release it Friday night before the next one comes out.

I am going to be gone this Saturday, but I will be back Sunday. This means that if nothing else goes wrong, we should be releasing both Bakuman 10 and C:B 10 on Sunday/Monday night. And then we’ll be caught up finally!

C:B ep 10

Bakuman 9

Bakuman 8 Released, 9 is coming, Code:Breaker coming soon *UPDATE*

I feel people getting anxious. We have not dropped Bakuman.

Due to a combination of Thanksgiving break and an awful workweek, I was not able to complete Bakuman 8 this week. I have now completed it and started ep 9. The plan, as long as my editor cooperates, is to release them both within 24 hours of this post. Cross your fingers!

This may come at the expense of delaying Code:Breaker, but that’s okay.

My editor is taking his typical slow time in editing ep 9. Otherwise, it’s done. Expect release Wednesday.
Also I’d have to say the same about Code:Breaker. Editor is missing as well. I hope to release it by Wednesday.

Cøde:Breaker – 08

This was released last night but we forgot to make a post.

So what’s up with Sakura’s mom wearing the same cosplay she did 10 years ago? Anyone else think that’s weird?

Torrent here

Bakuman when card manages to find free time to translate it. Real Life™ kicked in, so hopefully it’ll be out sometime soon but no guarantees.

CØDE:BREAKER 07 & Updates

Hi all,

Been a while since I posted.

Here’s Emo:Breaker ep 7.


Bakuman news: Our typesetter is without internet for at least three days and I can’t find a replacement. So either we wait for him, or we release without signs. Not sure what to do…
If you are a typesetter and want to do Bakuman, please contact me!

Gyrozetter: I have not dropped this!! Contrary to popular belief. I have had motivation problems and staff problems. But I’ll be damned if a show that has been hanging over my head so long will go undone. You’ll see a release from us before Thanksgiving break.

Danshi specials: Are being worked on now!

Lupin special: So is this. Finally got encoder to do an encode. Now I can finally tl this.

Thanks for your patience.