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Bakuman s3 ep 25 FINAL

Hi all,

It’s been a long while since I made a post. I actually set myself a goal – I wouldn’t make a new post unless we had something to release besides Bakuman. But I broke that promise… we don’t have anything but Bakuman at the moment.

However this will change in the near future. We’re not dead, just slow, because of my job and my health problems (which I’m happy to say are minor).

DISCLAIMER: I must point out that the SFW release of Bakuman 25 was in no way associated with [sage] and was, in the end, perpetrated by former staff members in order to make me “rage” and was intended to be “all in good fun.” I do apologize for the confusion, but it was not of my making. I recommend you get this release.

I must thank all my staff who worked on this show, and all the leechers who supported us. It wasn’t easy, but we made it. I put so much time and effort into this show. Although sometimes it wasn’t enough, I did my best. I hope that you appreciate it.

Bakuman 25 Torrent
Roll call time (in the order that I remembered them)

  • Arnavion – ask him about #arnavion
  • cardslash02 – translator, QC, ultrabitch
  • snowfag – timer, distro (maybe?), turbo faggot
  • neto_rare – typesetting, stealing my gf
  • waffo – editor, quitter
  • DanielBryan – editor, afk
  • Puff – encoder, typesetter, quitter/unquitter (dying of aids)
  • sm2345 – timing?, being indian
  • convex – I think he translated an episode (or was that EighthSin? Definitely convex), korean shota
  • Edward_Bebop – distro (maybe?), dying of diabeetus
  • Eien – encoder, oversleeper, responsible for “Bakushit – 20 [WhyAmIStillWorkingOnThisPuffIsBackPleaseAskHimToEncodeThisShitShow].mkv”, “Reversi is still shit – 21 [workraw].mkv” and “Why can’t they make bakuman about KUBO – 21 [premux].mkv”
  • Layton – I think he typeset a few episodes
  • archdeco – timed like one episode
  • BleKohl – sign translator
  • Ioryogi – EDITED LIKE EP 12 OR 13 OMG HOW COULD YOU FORGET, Afro-American
  • Xythar – card asked him for English lessons or something. I don’t know if he accepted.

Bakuman s3 – 16 & Hellsing 1080p

Hi all,

First off, we finally got our Hellsing 1080p raw. Took forever to encode, had several problems, and it turned out to be very large. Blame all on Tormaid.
Basically this encode is for people who really love big juicy encodes and are not worried about download quotas or hard drive space. Aka qualityfags only! Don’t pester us to make something smaller, because we won’t. And by we, I mean Tormaid. This is the size he insists it must be to preserve all the glorious detail.

Secondly, Bakuman 16.

We are transitioning to a new editor, hence the tag change. The editor from SFW and I finally parted ways due to numerous disagreements, most of them about committing to do Bakuman on time every Saturday ahead of most other obligations. The new editor shares my commitment to Bakuman, and in the following weeks you’ll notice that we’ll speed up our releases. There will still come times when we must delay for unavoidable reasons, but on the whole we’ll be faster. Thanks for waiting for us.

Bakuman 16
Hellsing 1080p

Jukey Edit: Oh by the way, we finished Code:Breaker, but we never linked it on the site. It’s on nyaa. Shout outs to Anime-Koi for the joint.

Bakuman 13-15 & Updates

Well, I think we’re FINALLY caught up with the backlog of episodes that happened over holiday break while I was away. Took long enough, but it’s good to not have Bakuman hanging over my head.

As for Hellsing 1080p, Tormaid’s been making me pull my hair out. First it was too big, then it got messed up, and now he’s working on another one. It’s just a really slow process. It’ll get done when it’s done. And it will be HUGE, for qualityfags only.

What’s up next is Initial D and Lupin. I’m going to be working on those this week and this weekend.
After that, I’ll go to SEED.

We are NOT picking up anything new this season, as there isn’t much to pick up and Crunchyroll is simulcasting most everything.

Bakuman 13
Bakuman 14
Bakuman 15

PS. How about Bakuman’s new op and ed? The ED is by JAM Project, and i love them, except the song is too slow and boring. Meh.

Bakuman 12, Hellsing Ultimate OVA X

Hi all,

Long time no update. I was away for Xmas, New Years, and then when i got back i promptly caught a cold.

Then Hellsing OVA X came out, and I priortized it over Bakuman, for better or for worse.

So, only Bakuman 12 is out right now.
Ep 13 is @Editing
Ep 14 is @QC.

So it won’t be too long before they are done as well.

As for Hellsing, we always knew we were going to do it.
Many thanks to Dark_Sage for serving as guest editor, and Tormaid as guest encoder.

He is currently encoding the 1080p version, which he says will take two days if I want it to “look nice”.
Don’t ask me, I know nothing about encoding. When the 1080p is done, I’ll release it. And that’s all I can say.

Bakuman 12
Hellsing OVA 10