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Sage is dead; Long live Sage

Hi all,

As you may have guessed, Sage is dead. It’s taken me a long time to come to terms with that, which is why I haven’t written this post till now.
We’ve had so many problems– First computer issues, then staff issues, then lack of time issues… it all piled up. I wanted it to continue but I no longer have a place for fansubbing in my life.

I’m sorry to leave you all in the lurch on the Gundam shows, but they are being satisfactorily simulcasted. There’s no need for us anymore.

Thanks for sticking around so long. It was fun while it lasted.

Delay due to computer issues

Hi all,


I know you are waiting for G Reco. Sorry about this, but my computer is on the fritz again. This time it BSODs almost immediately after startup so it’s impossible to do anything. I’m working on it as best I can. Thanks for your patience.


EDIT: I will not be able to fansub this week until Friday. Then I will start cranking out missed episodes for you guys. Much apologies, but the computer issues plus working overtime is killing me at the moment. I anticipate much fansubbing going down after Halloween.


G-Reco 03 – Hiring Editor

Hi all,

Episode here.


Sorry that it’s late, but this script is hell to slog through, it’s so bad.
Our editor for eps 1&2 suddenly decided he was too busy to do this show, and I desperately need a new editor to help with the Engrish and Tomino-isms. (Seriously Tomino, were you on acid when you wrote this dialogue?)
If you think you are good at crafting natural-sounding dialogue and you want to work on G-Reco, please apply in the comments section and provide your email.

You must either already know how to get on IRC or be willing to learn, and able to leave your computer logged into IRC as much as possible so you can be contacted at any time.


Build Fighters Try – 01

Here we go, Build Fighters Try. Not a bad start.

Torrent here.

Same as last season, simulcast subs with moderate editing/typesetting/karaoke.
They should seriously get the translator who does this show to do G-Reco instead, because those subs are much worse.

This will be our normal release time for this show for the rest of the season. Can’t do under-24 hr releases for this show anymore because it airs on a weekday instead of weekend like it did before. Oh well, sorry.