We sub Chinese cartoons in English.

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    1. Puff

      Sorry for the late response with this.

      MADVR has the correct colors. I find it odd that evr is displaying the wrong ones because the color flag coefficients go through x264. Oh well.

  1. mikezilla

    would you conisder subbing the lupin documentarys that are on youtube ? there is one uploaded in full on nayya

  2. makankaki

    hello guys.
    why dont you sub bakuman 2 – episode 1?
    can u sub it? please..
    i have from episode 2 until the latest, episode 19, and waiting for 20

  3. Marow


    I’m currently writing some posts on my blog about fansubbing and my final post will feature a couple of fansub groups answering the following question:

    “Why do you fansub?”.

    It would be very fun if you wanted to participate! In that case, send your answer to my mail. The length of the answer doesn’t matter, so if you want to write something huge, or short, go ahead! If you wish to be anonymous, please tell me.

    Thanks in advance!

  4. dator

    ok i have a 2 media players i play my vids on the problem is i canot get your 720p gundam file to play video at all on both though i do get shound

  5. anon

    I’ve been getting a lot of graphical glitches with your Nichibro 720p episodes

    I have both the CCCP and K-Light Packs installed. I even tried disabling CCCP and trying just K-Lite, and vice versa, and nothing helped with the glitches.

    I’ve also tried playing the videos with MPC and VLC players, and that didn’t seem to help either.

    Any ideas what might be causing this problem?

  6. dc41

    Would you happen to be the same Card who is on LiveJournal under a slightly different name? Because if you are I’d like to ask you something.

  7. DeathNote-KIRA

    Heya 🙂 I rely want to see ur vids but VLC isnt working D:, I shows a green screeen and when u pause the video u can see the subtitles. When i converted to either MP4, AVI, or WMV it shows the video but no subtitles and the file for the subs arent at the top menu bar thing 🙁 Pleaz help

    1. Herp

      Try updating your VLC. The video is likely 10 bit, and the older versions of VLC do not support 10 bit.

  8. Hatred

    “At sage we start with the bland official subs OR a fresh orginal translation and painstakingly add high quality editing for flavor, and then we brush up on the outside with some delicious typesetting and karaoke, and finish off with high-end encodes, fresh off the truck for your viewing pleasure. It’s mmm mmm good!”

    Then why do your encodes look like pure ass? Oh, I know. I’ll bet you’re using some new faggot codec that hasn’t been widely distributed yet because you think sharing video is about flopping your tiny e-peens out of your zippers instead of producing content that actually looks good.

    You bunch of fucking retards.

  9. Aes

    Hi Sage Group
    I am a member in fansub Vietnames in http://vnsharing.net. I can’t translate Japaness to my language. So I use your script to translate. Before I do it, I want permission of you.
    Can you permission for me use your subtitle to translate to my language, I want share anime to people can’t read English or can’t head Japanese. Of course for free.
    Please reply and thanks for read.

    1. cardslash02 Post author

      Sure that is fine. Nobody has to ask me for permission to translate Sage subs into English. Just do it.

      1. Avatar Story

        Hey cardslash02, i was wondering if you’d be interested in affiliate link? My website is avatarstory.com
        Its a brand new forum for legend of korra fans.

        I would have emailed you but i couldn’t seem to find a contact page =/
        Anyway, please let me know… you can email me at admin @ avatarstory.com

  10. Madis


    i was wondering if you guys provide a translation service. The thing is i got several japanese shows that i love and i got japanese subtitles for those. I wanted to know if you would be willing to translate them for a fee of course. If not would you let me know. I have been searching for months for someone to translate them.


  11. Nusumee

    Hi, i’m from germany and just started translating Anime into german. Do you got any kind of help to get a decent Audience ? Like where should I share my Link to get viewers ? To let people know that there is someone Subbing their favorite Anime.

  12. Drake

    Hello guys, i’m having trouble downloading Bakuman season 2 eps 22 avi version. the torrent is still active but the seed is always 0, can you guys help seed that episode.

    thank you


  13. Bob

    Hey, can someone contact me please. I need to speak to someone from the subbing group. I have good things you may like.

  14. VincenTsang

    Hey sage subs,

    I’m not rushing because I watched all the episodes but are you still going to be doing initial D?


  15. Wolfman7

    Is that latest Lupin special on the way? If I were to give you money from my wallet would that help? =D

  16. Mcgoogles1188

    Why dont you guys finish subbing tanken driland first? From what Ive seen and heard You guys are slow, as well as sloppy……come on get it into gear

  17. Catseyes

    Hi Sage Subs,

    I’m a member of a Vietnamese subbing-group. Our purpose is to bring anime to our fellow anime lovers who can’t understand English and Japanese.

    Since I can’t translate from Japanese, can i use your Eng translation of the OVA Higurashi no Naku Koro ni Kaku~ Outbreak as a template to translate it into Vietnamese? If you’re okay with it, please let me know.

    Thank you and have a nice day 😀

  18. Prime Noir

    Hello Sage Subs,

    I wonder if you can give instruction, I wanted to watch Kimi to Boku season 1, and when i play it with mpc the subtitles wont show. If i play it with MPC HC, the subtitles will show, but the video will lagging. What must I do to play it in MPC so the subtitles show ?


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