Sage is dead; Long live Sage

Hi all,

As you may have guessed, Sage is dead. It’s taken me a long time to come to terms with that, which is why I haven’t written this post till now.
We’ve had so many problems– First computer issues, then staff issues, then lack of time issues… it all piled up. I wanted it to continue but I no longer have a place for fansubbing in my life.

I’m sorry to leave you all in the lurch on the Gundam shows, but they are being satisfactorily simulcasted. There’s no need for us anymore.

Thanks for sticking around so long. It was fun while it lasted.

16 thoughts on “Sage is dead; Long live Sage

  1. OPFAN

    I just want to say: Thank you for all the hard work.

    I’ve been truly enjoying every release of you and wish you the best in life.
    You have my utmost respect.

    I guess it’s time to catch up to gundam build and gundam g now.

  2. ichigo

    Thank you for even taking time to bring us viewers high-quality subtitles. It couldn’t be helped, right? I appreciate all the work and effort the staff must have put in through the years.

  3. brc

    Now who is going to disappear mid-season?

    I’ll remember you for Kimi to Boku, Lupin and Nichibros. Thank you especially for subbing Nichibros.

  4. erim

    Thank you for all these years! I really loved your release posts and always came to the site to read them. Too bad that now I have to just read MAL forums for “funny” posts..

  5. KJAZZ

    Thanks for all the quality subs you’ve provided in the past. This group will be missed. Best of luck on your future endeavors.

  6. YoshiChao

    I want to go back to the days when you guys responded to my question of whether you’d be doing Build Fighters Try saying “Of course” ;_;

    I’ll genuinely miss you guys, you were one of my favourite sub groups as of late, and the amount of effort you guys put into your releases was too good to now be lost.

  7. Levi

    “But they are being satisfactorily simulcasted.” It’s acceptable, but I much much prefer you guys quality over anyone else including other sub groups who did GBFT that just don’t cut the mustard.

    You will me missed.

  8. TeddyBrosefvelt

    Thank you and the staff for all the hard work! You guys brought high quality subs and I was grateful. I wish you all the best of luck in whatever life brings you guys!

    Thanks again!


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