G-Reco 03 – Hiring Editor

Hi all,

Episode here.


Sorry that it’s late, but this script is hell to slog through, it’s so bad.
Our editor for eps 1&2 suddenly decided he was too busy to do this show, and I desperately need a new editor to help with the Engrish and Tomino-isms. (Seriously Tomino, were you on acid when you wrote this dialogue?)
If you think you are good at crafting natural-sounding dialogue and you want to work on G-Reco, please apply in the comments section and provide your email.

You must either already know how to get on IRC or be willing to learn, and able to leave your computer logged into IRC as much as possible so you can be contacted at any time.


10 thoughts on “G-Reco 03 – Hiring Editor

  1. 00 fanboy

    Nice to see a series that won’t suck as hard as SEED. G-Self is better than any dumb gundam from seed.


        1. Shineek

          And thats only your own opinion , you can dislike but keep it to yourself cause there are ppl who like it and yours and the opener comments are just trying to ignite a flame war . So either dont do it in the future or be ready to be looked upon as a typical internet troll , with small ego that needs to be build up by being an ass .

  2. Jeisurii

    I have some fan sub editor experience and started out QCing some Tomino Gundam (Zeta), how hell we talking? I watched the HS rips for 1-3 and there’s definitely some terminology here.

  3. Merines

    card, what time does this show air (EST)? I’d be interested in helping but I’m not available 8-6 weekdays and Saturday mornings.

  4. Nathan Wendel

    Hi, if you’re still looking for an editor, I could do it. I really like fixing up awkwardly phrased English. I already know IRC and use my computer, like, 2/3 of the day. I’m a college student, and when I’m not in class or eating I’m basically at my computer. My coursework is about to end for the semester so it’s a good time for me, as well.

    I live in California and have watched basically every Gundam series, especially UC timeline.




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