Delay due to computer issues

Hi all,


I know you are waiting for G Reco. Sorry about this, but my computer is on the fritz again. This time it BSODs almost immediately after startup so it’s impossible to do anything. I’m working on it as best I can. Thanks for your patience.


EDIT: I will not be able to fansub this week until Friday. Then I will start cranking out missed episodes for you guys. Much apologies, but the computer issues plus working overtime is killing me at the moment. I anticipate much fansubbing going down after Halloween.


76 thoughts on “Delay due to computer issues

    1. Rei

      “ban that oo fanboy guy” +100000000000000

      and thanks for the update. /no1
      it’s good to know what’s going on instead of anxiously wondering why stuff is late like with most other groups.

      1. VSxERLolitaku428

        Yeah, or like with Basara? Please, sub Sengoku Basara to the end, even if just 1 Episode per month, like someone else said it…ONEGAI SHIMASU! >.<

    1. VSxERLolitaku428

      Well, good luck. I bet the same thing that happened with Sengoku Basara -JUDGE END- will happen, and people like you and me will be stuck waiting forever…

      *still waiting for Basara*

      1. YoshiChao

        Except that Sage have worked on Gundam AGE, and Gundam Build Fighters S1.
        So they have further reason to want to keep working on the Gundam shows.

        Basara they specifically said they dropped because Funimation’s had been out for ages, and everyone had most likely gone and watched them, and even without that, Basara was sort of just picked up because no one else was doing it remember?

        Sure HorribleSubs is releasing both BF and G-Reco, but as I already mentioned: Sage have worked on previous Gundam shows.

        tl;dr: Stop assuming that one “cock up” makes sage the most unreliable group since Underwater.

          1. ENDG4MER

            Sadly, you are a very vocal minority. SEED continues to be the most popular Gundam metaverse in terms of sales and popularity both in Japan and here in the States. Well, aside from Destiny, but the Remastered edition of that is doing fairly well now as well, so we’ll see how that goes.

        1. VSxERLolitaku428

          It’s not like I won’t wait for this release from sage as well…and no one else did Basara, yeah, and Funi/CR/etc. don’t count for me…Anime-Gundam is also doing Reconquista in G and BF Try…so that argument is invalid.
          And like that stupid Fanboy said: They also dropped Seed, so the already dropped a Gundam-Series.
          I still hope that Basara gets continued, otherwise I’ll just have to watch it without Subs, I guess, through then I could also almost go back to play the game in japanese…anyway, I’ll wait for however long it takes, maybe it’ll get released sooner than the timeframe that Chyuu took for Gatchaman Crowds…and I waited there too.
          No reason not to, as there are enough things to watch, play and read in the meantime…

          1. YoshiChao

            While I can agree that they dropped SEED so they’ve technically dropped a Gundam series already: do remember that SEED originally aired over 10 years ago, and has been subbed for ages.
            If anyone actually cared for subbing the new SEED that much, they’d just transfer over the already completed subs of it. Where as Build Fighters TRY and G-Reco are completely new series, and not 10 years old.

            Also, why would you watch Basara in raw just because Sage didn’t complete it?
            Unless you’re fluent or great at understanding Japanese, wouldn’t you want to watch an average translation so you at least get the slightest idea of what’s going on?
            Unless you’re literally watching Basara just for the fight scenes, in which that case I don’t want to discuss that matter at all.

            1. VSxERLolitaku428

              While I have to agree that SEED was “just” a remake/remaster, the argument “it’s been subbed” won’t work, because same with G-Reco and TRY, they ARE being subbed by whoever HS is ripping from and AnimeGundam(dunno ’bout their quality/speed).
              Actually, a “average translation” would be ok, but overly localized shit is so annoying, that I can’t help but rage when almost all the time the SIMPLE SENTENCES are translated completely wrong and words are added left and right. This happens TOO often especially with Funishit, not often with CR anymore, thankfully. However, due to that raging, I won’t be able to enjoy it properly anymore. And yes, I do speak quite a bunch of japanese and understanding’s pretty good too, however there almost always are a few words I don’t know, but this is somewhat unlikely with Basara, but I’d want to watch it subbed to be on the sure side. And sadly my japanese skill’s still far from being good enough to translate properly, ‘cuz there are words I don’t know too damn often at my current level, but would still be easily suffice to roughly know what’s going on.
              And actually the Fightscenes are of course a big part of why I want to watch it, yeah, but having played Basara 3 and Basara 3 Utage I’m interested in which route they’re gonna be closer to and wether or not Matsunaga is gonna be around. And the first episode had already F’N much Fanservice actually, as a lot of the Intro-Scenes of the Stories in the game where remade in Anime-Style.

              1. YoshiChao

                I guess I can understand watching Basara for the fight scenes because you’ve played the games (I have too; 4 was amazing).
                And I guess I can’t understand the whole “Funimation’s translations are shit as they’re translated odd or adding words to them” as I’ve always watched Basara in dub and only ever started watching the sub Movie onwards (though as it gets dubbed watching that), but I still don’t think there is much wrong with Funimation to warrant going with raw if you -have- to watch it in Funimation version as the alternative.
                I mean, they’ve hopefully/most likely learned from No-rin not to be completely retarded in their translations, and they’ve worked on all the previous iterations of the Basara series, so I honestly believe they’d be one of the better translations for the show as they don’t make their release “an English Translation with Japanese words everywhere because we want to keep it as Japanese as possible despite this language being English”.

                (Not taking a dig at sage or anything cos they did the whole Oyakata-sama > Your Lordship thing, though I do find it stupid when sub groups go out of their way to not translate it to English)

                Just my opinion, anyone can watch things as they want, though I still stand for what I said about the SEED case, and comparing it to G-Reco is soooo off par.

              2. VSxERLolitaku428

                Can’t reply to yours anymore, YoshiChao, so I’ve gotta reply to my own. XD

                Well, watching Dubs and Subs or only Subs is a thing of believe. I don’t watch Anime with Subs because I want them localized, no, I want them as close to the original as possible, and Funi will never be close even in the slightest to that, but I’d be happy to be proved wrong on that. Thus, it already kills the closeness off, once the honorifics are removed or, even worse, changed into things that don’t even carry a similiar meaning, like Oyakata-sama —> your Lordship, which, in the end, is not really translateable. There are just words, where you can’t do that, Tennō would be one of these as well, and also Shōgun can’t be translated. They can only be described or you can search for something close, but it won’t have the same meaning. Translating “Tennō” as “emperor” would also be further off than translating “Czar” into “emperor”, as the latter was at the very least inspired by that…
                But to get back to the Dubs: The german Dub of Hyakka Ryouran even left “Onii-chan” and stuff in…apart from the fact that the direction was stupid enough not to complain that it actually sounded like “Ohhhnii-chan”…but that also proves, that they at least understood, that “Bruder(brother)” would have been wrong, because at the point that I’m talking about, the watcher wouldn’t know that Juubei is indeed Muneakira’s sister.
                In the end, the point I’m trying to get at is, that imho Anime should be enjoyed as close to the original as possible and not be localized so much that a person with absolutely no interest in Anime themself for being japanesque would not have the slightest problem undestanding it. But that too is a thing of belief, I guess.

                And yes, I do agree that people can watch the stuff how they want.
                But I simply took SEED as a comparison to G-Reco, because it’s Gundam, I know how far off the comparison is, and I’d still compare it to Sengoku Basara -JUDGE END-, because you only had HS as the other choice tehre, and in the case of G-Reco there would be HS and another subbing team, because you said, no one eles is doing G-Reco and thus it’s different than Basara, but actually more are doing it.

                STILL GONNA WAIT FOR sage ON G-Reco, BF TRY AND EVEN Basara.

  1. WingZerozxt

    After reasding this i mmiediately thought, ‘Ill wait.’ Thats how good i think you are

    keep up the good work.

  2. YoshiChao

    Guuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuys, Halloween ended almost a week ago…

    At least either update the post or something like that, please don’t pull an Underwater Summer 2014.

  3. piyaupiyaupiyau

    i’m sorry before

    but i wanna say this to cardslash02

    “are you just going to edit your announcement again and add some reason that tell you can’t sub until *****”

    i think i can’t received your excuse again and start to think you don’t sub your anime seriously

    1. piyaupiyaupiyau

      i know you are seriously so busy but don’t promise you can’t promise

      you get all of the people hopes up and down it after all

      think donation of all people give to you

      they hope you can give the hope to them

  4. R.D.

    Okay this is getting a little ridiculous. Computer issues and overtime or not, you should’ve at least given us an update on the situation by now.

        1. R.D.

          Okay, one, if they are capable of subbing, they’ve had plenty of time to get at least one episode of GBFT out, and they haven’t. Two, if they’re going to sub it all and release it all at once, then it wouldn’t kill them to make a notification about it. And three, if they aren’t capable of subbing at the moment, then they can put out a notification saying as much.

          It takes all of five minutes to bring up an internet browser and make a post explaining the situation. And we’re not even getting that.

          1. YoshiChao

            Yeah, at this point all I really want is a status report on why we haven’t heard from anyone in about 2 weeks.

            Even if it’s an ETA or something, or just a reason as to why they can’t do anything, that’d be great, but just leaving the comments section to us to ask the same question every few days will eventually cause us all to become impatient and annoying.

            I’ll still wait a few more days without issue, but it’s becoming hard to be patient when G-Reco is now on Episode 7 and Build Fighters TRY is on Episode 6.

            We’re literally 8 episodes total behind, unless you guys have a massive release planned on one day and you’re just working through everything without telling us, that’s a lot of work I’d assume.

  5. YoshiChao

    So uhh… Are you guys planning to say anything any time soon?

    I mean, I don’t want to sound like an ass hole, but this’ll make me sound like an ass hole, but you guys kinda haven’t said anything since before October 31.

    And that was kinda almost over 3 weeks ago.

    I understand “computer issues”, I understand “real life issues”, but unless you haven’t interacted with a computer in that entire time period, I don’t get why you wouldn’t post anything here.

    I know there was that case with Basara where you guys just said “everyone has already just watched HS’s release”, but come on, you guys did the previous Gundam shows, you can’t just pull something like that after 5 weeks of not releasing an episode.

    I understand the whole “fansub is a voluntary service we decide to do out of our own free will” thing, but like, you should at least be able to drop a message saying why you guys haven’t done anything whatsoever in so long.

    And ahead of time: sorry to all those people who are about to come to this page and see “42 comments” only to realize that it’s just another one of us commenters, and not what we’ve been waiting for, for 3 weeks.

    1. Merines

      This is why the majority of fansub groups have backup staffers in place. One person disappears, even the leader, it shouldn’t mean output goes immediately to zero.

      p.s., I only care because I’ve been retired for over two years and wanted to help with the G-Reco releases, but card disappeared right after I did so, and it was a bit annoying to idle on IRC for a month for nothing.

  6. croPath

    Well seems that gundam shows are off for the season unless a decent group picks them up (AG is way below tolerable) or unless horrible are better then they were at the start of the season

  7. rip in pizza

    UTW ded
    gg ded
    rori ded
    Mazui ded
    Kaylith ded
    sage ded

    ded by delays message and quit message.

    FFF dying
    Underwater dying

    Where were you when fansub was kill?

      1. VSxERLolitaku428

        Kaylith is dead, and almost everyone continued at caffeine…since you appearently didn’t know.
        And UTW is only half-dead…while gg is definitely no loss. XD

  8. Merines

    Since card has gone to the next life and no one else here dares to work without her, what are you all looking for in a similar release? I’m going to be honest, I’ve not started watching G-Reco yet.

    So, what’s so bad about the official/Horriblesubs releases that people still want a Sage-modified version? Is AnimeGundam not an acceptable alternative, considering ths1138 is starting from scratch?

    It can’t be much work to OCR the official subs, edit them, fix the timing, and throw them on a raw, but anything beyond that is outside my skill set.

    1. YoshiChao

      There’s not really a lot wrong with HS’s script, it’s just you will once in a while notice an error, and obviously, there is little to no typesetting.

      At this point I don’t see the point in continuing to wait for Sage, but if they actually manage to get back in order and continue releasing in a scheduled manner, I’d switch back to them.

    2. R.D.

      HorribleSubs just rips the video from Youtube and it shows. There are a few times, watching the 720p version (I’m trying to conserve space on my comp) where the video noticeably degrades, and it has no ordered chapters/whatever they’re called to let you skip the OP or ED or whatever. HorribleSubs’s directly ripping the youtube videos also means that they include the Sunrise logo at the start and the Gunpla commercial after the OP, neither of which I care for.

      I haven’t seen any problem with Anime-Gundam’s version. They have the ordered chapters and don’t include the commercial/Sunrise logo, and the quality of the visuals is much better and doesn’t degrade.

      That said, Anime-Gundam is also slightly behind due to the main translator/project leader moving, his HDD dying in the process, and taking a weeklong break for the holidays. But it IS putting the episodes out, and they are catching up.

  9. Didyou

    Did you solve the problem? It was the Motherboard/RAM? I have the same issue, it is appreciated if you can give me an answer.

  10. YoshiChao

    I bet whoever just checked this page just got their hopes up that it was finally a message about the show’s status.

    Too bad!

    RIP in peace Cardslash, we’ll forever remember you and your work, hopefully they find the body.

        1. R.D.

          Still doesn’t change the fact that we know you have a raging hardon for Gundam SEED. You don’t need to be so tsundere about it, there’s no shame in liking it.


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