Gundam sAGE – 49 (END)

Hello all,

Well, here we are at the final episode. It’s a momentous occasion for me.
I founded this group a year ago to sub Gundam AGE, and now it’s finally coming to an end.
While I must say I’m glad to see it go, I feel a sense of accomplishment at its end.
There were some people who thought a new startup group couldn’t hold it together for a whole year to sub such a long show. They doubted us, they questioned our resolve. Not many groups these days choose to sub anything over 26 eps simply because of the amount of work it entails and the length of the commitment.

But we prevailed. Even though not all of us actually liked the show, our commitment to it and to each other brought us together every Sunday to put in our best efforts and bring the show to you. It wasn’t easy- there were early mornings, long nights, shuffled schedules, disagreements, and some people walked away. All of us gradually came to realize that this show wasn’t going to be a spectacular example of the Gundam franchise. But we stuck with it.

I want to thank all of you who watched the show and supported our efforts over the course of a year. In the end, it was all for you, the leechers (and I mean that term in the best possible light.) An entire year of my life is now marked by memories of discussions in our IRC channel, live-watching threads on /m/, comments on our website. Thank you.

Gundam AGE 49 (FINAL)

720p Torrent
480p Torrent


Staff list: (organized by job, because of all of the casualties)

Project Lead/Slavedriver: cardslash02
Translation: Bandai, cardslash02 (when Bandai was late)
Translation Check: cardslash02
Stream capture: KayDat, Rem, Edward_Bebop, convexity
Typing: Rem, MahaiOne, Jukey, KayDat, torchlight
Song translation: fnord
Encoding: Puff, __ar, killazys, Eien
Main Editors: Jukey, KayDat
Guest Editors: Dark_Sage, Kyhz, Kiriel
Timing: MisterX, Ket, commander`A, emkuf, Merines, yaffi, Yukikaze
Copypasting Typesetting: Puff, cardslash02
Karaoke: cardslash02
QC: Rem, cardslash02
Distro: Edward_Bebop

Special thanks to Jukey and Rem, my right-hand men on this project. Couldn’t have done it without you!

Status on other projects:
At my job, a project is reaching culmination and I haven’t had much time for fansubbing. I’m sorry, but I have to keep my job.
I anticipate more time for fansubbing coming up after the project is over, in a week’s time.

I will not give any hard dates for Tanken and SEED, but I’d like to get caught up on them just as much as you want us to. Let’s see what I can get done this week.

Fall Season:
We are picking up Bakuman 3.
Anything else is up in the air. If a show turns out to be undersubbed, we may do it. Too early to tell.

Jukey Edit:
Even though the site says I wrote the post, it was cardslash02. I just started drafting the staff list a few days ago.

Rem Edit:
You can change the author for posts, bro. Welcome to WordPress.

Jukey Edit:
I was too lazy to figure it out, Rem. Thanks brah.

104 thoughts on “Gundam sAGE – 49 (END)

  1. Etchel

    You know guys, I’m always a huge fan of you! I love Gundam AGE so much and if not because of you, i won’t be able to watch it and understand it much better. Thanks for subbing it for a whole year!


  2. 27CansOfTuna

    OMG litrally crying tears of joy right now, Bakuman 3 FTW!!!! SAGE FTW!!!

    And thanks for Gundam Age, it feels so good to finish my first Gundam, I cant wait to watch this episode, definitely a 10/10 show for me, well for what I like anyway. Thank you so much!!! Keep it up and I still remember your april fools episode of sorts, it gave me a good chuckle just remembering it.

        1. Spring Hare

          Well, this is the point where opinions weight heavily but generally speaking I’d say most of the gundam crowd rank Wing much higher than AGE. And it’s mostly thanks to Kio and the whole mess that is the 3rd arch in general.

          IMO, the lowest points of Wing never ranked this low and the show generally improved toward the end while AGE just kept on plunging in a tightening spiral with other characters and events joining Kio in the general shitfest.

          1. Cheech

            Of course its all highly suggestive but ill take kio arc over clown suit trowa and the lack of animation in Wing anyday, my point being why rag on AGE and then suggest what alot of fans consider equally as awful Gundam shows, at least suggest something universally considered good by most fans ie Zeta gundam, 08th MS, Unicorn, but hey if bishoujo and still images reused again and again are your thing go watch Wing

            1. Cheech

              btw we must know different people in the “gundam crowd” cause all the gundam fans whom i associate with say Wing is either A. unwatchable garbage (im in this camp) or B. will admit its pretty terrible but like it because they watched it growing up and have the nostalgia factor either way not one of the first Gundam shows i’d ever recomend in fact the only thing i even enjoyed about wing was endless waltz

            2. Spring Hare

              Different tastes then, friend. I could easily watch Wing again, but you’ll not catch me watching a single episode of AGE featuring Kio again.

              And by gundam crowd I mean the general feel in various forums, websites and such. Doesn’t mean there aren’t plenty who think otherwise.

              1. ShiniIllumi

                Gotta side with Spring Hare on the G.Wing love. While it had it’s low points, I liked the characters and over-all story better (except Relena, she gets super annoying near the end).

                While Kio was bearable… compared to Flit and Asemu, I’d sooner watch Wing for a 4th time. The fact he had the most characters that were introduced and killed within 1-2 episodes made me sad πŸ™ Heck, I’d watch SEED Destiny for a 3rd time. Still, it’s not horrible, and I won’t rank it lower then 00’s Movie…

  3. SSS

    Well, not one of the best series in the world, but was watchable. Thanks for everything, must have been hard and the effort is appreciated.

    Hope you keep the good work!

  4. JMA

    1 year thatΒ΄ss a quite time. Hope we see you guys here in the fansubing world for a big time, like you said no much groups take large series now.

    Until next proyect πŸ˜‰

  5. Shawn263241

    Awesome, thanks so much guys. You all did a fantastic job, especially considering how new Sage Subs is. I appreciate your effort, and look forward to your future work.

  6. Ben

    Thank you for subbing this show! As a fairly new Gundam fan (except 00 that I watched 2 years ago), I had the chance to watch AGE 1-10 in one shot, but kept coming back week after week to enjoy your fan subbing work.

    I’ve even started to watch SEED when you guys started to do the remaster, for the 1st time and I’ve kept my curiosity in check until the rest will come. I’ve just finish watching the whole UC universe 2 weeks ago (except EP6 and EP 7 of Unicorn) and I really enjoyed it. Damn those 80s colors and clothes were ugly… hahah πŸ™‚

    Many thanks to the whole team for their time and effort as well. Good luck at work card and I wish you success on your project.


  7. someone

    Kudos for finishing Gundam AGE. Now I can watch the 3 Generations Arc in its entirety. Please consider putting Gundam SEED HD Remaster as a priority to catch up on. Considering no one else is subbing this.

  8. AzureRaptor

    Thank you guys so much for sticking with this. I’m sorry it’s been a chore for you sometimes. I’ve actually enjoyed the series, even having watched quite a few (but not all) other Gundam series.

    I’m really looking forward to you guys’ SEED episodes. Thank you for keeping up the good work on that, too. I wouldn’t trust anybody else at this point.

  9. Kaz

    Thanks for all the hard work. I”ve been with yall for the entire year. And though the show was not upto all our expectations I’ve greatly enjoyed it none the less..Because I love anime..haha

  10. yum

    Thanks for subbing, You may not really liked show but i come to quite like it, so Thank You for sticking with this tittle! Great job!

  11. Prime92

    I would like to personally thank you for doing all this work for us non japanese speakers who love Gundam. Sure, this series wasen`t the best. Unlike 00, I didn`t eagerly await each week to watch the next episode. Hell, I just caught up from ep 30 five days ago. I do feel it did get better near the end. I have yet to watch the last episode, but I still must thank you for taking all those hard hours out of your lives to give us quality subs. Hope you`ll still be around when the next Gundam series comes out.

  12. VanFinale

    Congratulations! I remember back when I was watching Seed/Seed Destiny those shows went through like 3 groups each as they were airing, you guys made it through the whole thing though. Shame the show turned out the way it did even though it started off pretty good.

  13. Spring Hare

    Thank you for the release, this one and all the 48 before it, and congratulations for finishing what got you started.

    Too bad that the show itself didn’t pan out quite as well, but hey, disappointments are a part of life.

  14. FlareKnight

    I have to say amazing job done on this. I can only imagine how tough it must have been to keep going with how the series turned out story wise, but it’s thanks to you guys that we got to follow this show with great subs. Congrats to you all for accomplishing what you set out to do with this group and look forward to following your subs for Bakuman 3.

  15. Shinisan

    Thanks guys for sticking with the show til the end. Wasn’t the best Gundam, but certainly not the worst thing out there (00 Movie I’m looking at you). And a huge Congratulations too!

    Happily waiting on SEED, but no rush on that πŸ™‚ I’ve seen it twice, this is just for the archiving. (and watching Beam Spam Jesus Yamato again….)

    I still think my favorite arc was Asemu… but he was just the easiest to look at. And Diva… we’ll miss you!! *salutes*

  16. David

    Thanks guys. I’ve watched this series entirely with Sage subs, and your work has always been timely and of very high quality (exception being April 1st episode!). And a year’s dedication – admirable to say the least.

  17. Chris

    Thank you SAGE sub for subbing this series! I know it wasn’t the best, but you guys really did a great job, and was really consistent with the updates! If I ever come across an anime that comes up, I’ll be sure to watch it with you guys over other subbers!

  18. clarko2

    thanks to all of Sage for subbing my favourite franchise ever. gundam has been a big part of my childhood and you guys has certainly enchanted it even more. may your real life and subbing continue to progress towards the better!

  19. Ashitaka

    Thanks to all those who are a part of Sage, great, great work and dedication to get this thing subbed, and in a timely manner. You guys all did great.

  20. Jiun

    Thanks for the great sub

    Sadly, this is the worst Gundam series I have watched since 0079.

    The series was alright when the show is leaded by Flit and Asemu. As soon as Kio started to adopt his own set of bullshit belief, the whole shows just going down the drain. Can they try not to put in so much of naiveties into the Gundam pilot character?

  21. maxxam

    Thanks very much for everything. This anime was fun to watch it, becuase you sub it.
    I love ( SAGE ) to much, waiting for any news from you.

  22. Mr. Bushido

    Im Hoping for some SEED update now that this one is done and also a batch relase for this one im just waiting this to finish so i can watch it whole from start to end without the wait for weekly realeases btw GJ on this

    1. Luna Carya

      I’m the same, hoping for a batch. With some shows I’d rather make a marathon (or two) than waiting between chapters.

  23. Peter Wong

    Thank you very much to the WHOLE team of sAGE. I know it was a lot of work, frustration and ENDURANCE to stay committed to this long series. I really appreciate all the efforts that was put into making it possible. You were the only ones that made it possible for this community to be able to have enjoyed this series. Your efforts did not go unappreciated. Thanks again!!!!

  24. NeoShinGundam

    I was originally cold on Gundam AGE, but after a friend of mine showed me an episode (14, I think) I was hooked. Since then, I’ve downloaded every episode from you guys and I’m very thankful that you guys never gave up.

    Thank you, and I look forward to what you guys do in the future ^_^

  25. Pip_Fox

    You guys are formally inducted into the Real NiggazΒ© Hall of Fame. It may not be the best but it is still a gundam series and i always appreciate more gundam.

  26. aceofrazgriz

    Great subs, so-so series. Appreciate the great effort and the timely releases. Your effort is greatly appreciated by many. Good luck in the future and godspeed.

  27. Herpy

    Thanks for all the effort, guys…. Delivering weekly high quality episodes for us must be tiring. Take your time with other projects if you want to, you deserve it.

  28. Crash

    It was a fantastic show. Thanks for doing such an unbelievable job subbing it.

    From the quality of the translation, you would never have guessed that you were a new startup.
    You guys are my favourite subbing group.

        1. Spring Hare

          Both your question and whatever answer you might get contributes practically nothing, so why did you bother asking?

          And the answer to all of the above is most likely “just because.”

          1. Crash

            Here comes the philosopher.

            I’m actually genuinely interested in why it is that, when you try and pay someone a compliment, they would just throw it back at you.

            1. Spring Hare

              Some sort of half-controlled regurgitation of loathing mostly directed at AGE? It’s pretty clear that Jukey didn’t like it to the end, but as we can see from Cards post, he still played a big part in getting it done. It can be pretty damn frustrating to keep working on something you consider shit. You can see the same general tone in his other posts here.

              And the latter part seemed more like a fact check kind of thing, to make it understood that them being a relatively new group does not mean that the members are fresh on the scene. You can expect high quality from a new start up.

              Well, this is the way I read it so I don’t think you should consider it as “throwing it back” or anything like that. Then again, what do I know…

  29. Gilgamesh

    Thanks guys, great accomplishment, leeched off you every week an episode was released πŸ™‚

    Sadly the series wasn’t as good as it could’ve been but we will all live.

    Thanks again ^_^ looking forward to your future projects.

  30. soralink

    really thank you for subbing Gundam Age . It didnt meet everyone’s expectation but you guys continue to sub against all add and i thank you for that . Will b waiting for your future releases πŸ˜€

  31. KaiKaiC

    Wow, I must say that AGE had the worst finale of any Gundam series I’ve seen… but thank you so much for subbing it. I look forward to your future projects. ^_^

  32. Jah

    Thank you for your dedication and commitment! It was an enjoyable run even though the show itself was just alright. Thanks for making it possible.

    1. Jukey

      We had a few episodes encoded, but our ftp kind of exploded so I’m not sure if we still have the encodes. Right now, I think the priority order is something like Tanken > SEED > .hack > Monster Rancher

  33. Yae

    Your ability to accomplish a series that took over one year is evidence enough of your dedication to fansubbing. I thank you since you all do a fine job. I look forward to more Tanken Driland and anything else you may decide to sub should it spark my anime interest. Gambatte!

  34. Raphael

    Thanks for the hard work! I know proving quality fansub is no easy task. Been there myself.

    Too bad the show went downhill after Flit’s arc… Asumu’s had some good moments, but they screwed the pacing… And Kio’s was utter crap, with his crappy gayness (no offense), Zehart’s imbecile death… No good. Mechanical design wasn’t that great either, I won’t even mention the spaceships/bases, but the Gundams did not impress and the Vagan was simply ridiculous… They looked like digimon, or something like that. Character design was not my preference, but acceptable after you get used too.

    I hope someday soon we to see a Gundan with SEED-quality story coupled with a 00-quality animation. And perhaps with Code Geass-epicness ending (Another Sunrise show – the show is so-so, only the ending is epic). And hopefully you will be there to sub it!

    After all that being said, which I don’t really know if anyone will read, I have only two more things to say: thanks again for subbing the series, and if they could get that HERUMETTO, maybe the series would’ve been better. Or not.



    1. Spring Hare

      A HERUMETTO that causes brain damage might have improved the quality? Now that is some creative thinking right there.

        1. Spring Hare

          ..and show up later is just what they did, just as we witnessed during the running time of the series.
          This would be the perfect explanation to the downward spiral called Gundam AGE. You’re a certified genius, good sir.

  35. mako

    Just wanted to say thanks [Sage] for all of the hard work you guys put into subbing the series. While it isn’t the best of gundams, you guys put forth a ton of effort to bring it to us weekly. πŸ™‚

    Glad to see you are subbing Bakuman too!

  36. CompanyLagoon

    I also want to thank you guys so much. SO MUCH! for subbing Gundam AGE. I’ve seen every Gundam show to date except G Gundam and SD for obvious reasons and I can honestly say this was a good one. So from the bottom of my heart, this just makes my number one subbing project that I appreciate the most. And I like how you guys didn’t resort to adding needless swear words like most subbers tend to do.

    I loved it from start to finish, a helluva lot more than Gundam 00. Even if the ending is rushed, it’s better than having a long ending that drags on and on and on. So it didn’t bother me and I’m glad no one felt the series was going downhill and ended the project, that’s what I was afraid of.

    Number 1 anime series of the year in my book.



    You can check my review of the series here


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