Gundam sAGE – 46

Hey all,

I went to Dragon*Con this weekend and it completely took up the whole weekend. The episode was ready to be QC’d on Sunday night, but I was so tired and still at the con until Monday night, so I didn’t end up releasing it until last night. Sorry about that.


As for SEED, the editor just started classes at college and has been busy, but he promises to finish up SEED 23 which is otherwise done tonight, so expect that in a couple of days.

Tanken Driland is next after that, I gotta release two eps of it to catch up.

19 thoughts on “Gundam sAGE – 46

  1. Rider

    Hi there. Awesome work as always. By the way, do you have some sort of table with all the spellings used in Sunrise’s official subs? It would be simpler to get it than extracting the subs from all the MKV and browsing them for special terms and names… Thx

  2. Odoyle721

    Was the parade crazy or what, I thought the crew that did league of legends characters did a great job, but atlanta was crazy muggy

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