Gundam sAGE – 45

Hey all,

A translation note on this episode:

Last week you all raised a valid point about the unmanned mobile suit’s name being SID instead of Shido. “Shido” is what the official Bandai streamed subs use. Normally I stick with what these subs use unless there is overwhelming evidence to do it otherwise – these are supposed to be “official” and approved by Bandai, after all.

I know the impulse to go with SID stems from the fan translation of the side-story manga “Memories of SID” and that as a codename, it makes more sense. But I wasn’t going to change it without some official source. Then I saw this image, and god knows where it comes from but it looks official enough for me. Turns out it’s from the official Gundam AGE site here. Thanks to Archer in the comments for pointing it out. And also, in terms of common sense, I like SID much more than Shido. It’s a codename/abbreviation, after all.

So after much deliberation, I decided to go with SID over the official subs’ Shido. I hope that doesn’t really upset anybody.

On another note, we now know that AGE will have only 49 episodes, so only four episodes left!

AGE 45

PS: Tanken Driland 5 & 6 later today.
PPS: My editor was moving this weekend, so he’ll get on Seed 23 as soon as he can.

20 thoughts on “Gundam sAGE – 45

  1. 27CansOfTuna

    Thanks for doing AGE, guess you’ll have a huge break since gundam will be through with for awhile πŸ™ whats for fall?

    Cant wait for driland and seed hd.

  2. ZEROthefirst

    SID instead of Shido!? Like totally OMG, this like makes me so totz angry Imma kill myself lol
    I like SID better anyways, it sounds like something a MS/MA would be nicknamed, while Shido just reminds me of Mr. Bushido from 00.

  3. David

    Thanks for the subs. Been watching the entire series via SAGE. You guys are awesome. Please keep up the great work for us non Japanese speakers!

  4. Spring Hare

    Thanks for the release.

    This episode, while nothing to write home about, was much improved by the almost total lack of Kio alone. The Dark Hound is still silly though. Asemu should have asked for that they give him a new set of gear via the AGE-builder, a souped-up version of double bullet or something like that.

  5. Roky89

    Aaaaaaaaaaa… Then I wish you a merry hamburgers day – isn’t every day over there hamburgers day? πŸ™‚ Just joking!


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